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Q: Should you do an "Open House"?

A: N0 Never!

We do "NOT" support or encourage the practice of the "Open House".....period!  

The "Open House" is desiged for agents to "prospect" -(not to sell your home):

Agents use this service to:  1) TROLL for Buyers, 2) MEET your neighbors, 3) Brand their company  4) APPEASE the Seller.

YES, agents use your home as a prop to prospect for other business.  

AND the uncontrolled nature of an Open-House is very risky these days!  

Why should someone be in your home if they don't have any money?  
Why should they be there if they are not even a buyer?  THAT'S CRAZY!

The only people who should be in your home should be qualified, serious home buyers, (escorted by the agent and YOU)! 

Yes!  "YOU" should be present at all showings to be sure of who and what is in your home!  

You risk:  Petty Theft - Identity Theft - Breakage - Personal Safety!   Even if the home is vacant, you should controll what goes on inside your property.  Hello! You need to be there!

The bottom line is don't let a prospective "Buyer" in your home unless they are "Ready" - "Willing" and "Able" to make a purchase!  And make sure their credentials have been verified!   

Use common sense!  Be Safe: Ditch the OPEN HOUSE! 

Price your home correctly!  Make it available to Agents to bring only qualified (and verified) customers!  And you will soon be considering serious offers!  

Thank You!   Good Luck!  Remember!  "Ready","Willing" & "Able" Buyers ONLY in your home!






A Little More on the Open House!

  Here is a YouTube link from a TOP Agent!  


This link describes the Open House benefit to "Agent" (Not Seller) in order of importance:
     1) Meet new buyers - (Agents keep a list of "switch-properties" to pitch to buyers)
     2) Meet the neighbors - (your neighbor already has a house, but they are 'future listings")
     3) Brand the Brokerage Company -- tons of directional signs, flags, fliers, etc.etc.  
     4) Appease the Seller. 

The Agent primarily holds a house "open" to pick up other business!   As a Seller, you don't need to pick up other business, so don't bother with an Open House!  Open Houses are for Agents to prospect... not Sellers.  

Just Be Safe!  There are many examples of Agents, the public and prospects known to have help themselves to prescription drugs, personal idendity, personal items, etc.

Don't put youself or your prperty at risk.  Attend all showings.  Make sure the only peolpe inside your home are qualiifed &verifeid "Buyers". 

If the price is right, the sign will work, your home will sell!  



   Direct communication?

Do we support direct communications?  YES

  1. Candid negotiations
  2. Timely answers
  3. Amicable relationships
  4. Transparent information
  5. Nothing gets lost in translation…
  6. This is your home:  This is where another person will live someday.  Of course it is “Personal” and we want to keep it that way.


Do we Support the use of a Licensed Real Estate Agent? OF COURSE 

YES, we think there should be "at least One" Real Estate Licensee involved in the transaction. 

  1. Realtors subscribe to a Code of Ethics – (you can "expect" ethical behavior)
  2. Real Estate Licensees will bring qualified buyers (personally known to them):  Higher quality showings, better leads, less risky traffic through your home!
  3. Real Estate Licensees have "transaction experience"!  They do deals every day.  Real Estate Licensees continue to be educated to industry standards and beyond.  This is what they do for a living and we think there should always be "ONE" Licensed Real Estate Agent involved in your transaction..(as long as they are a highly experienced, forthright, Agent).


    Not Really..    

  1. Don't fall for the perception card..(don't hire pot-luck). 
  2. Keep your money local...(we don't think a franchise brings much to the table).
  3. If you overprice your home, it won't sell.   (If the price is right - the sign works!  If the price is too high - the sign doesn't work.)
  4. Proper pricing is paramount, and market response lets you know. 
  5. Real Estate is Local.  Buyers find you via online searches and your sign. (Buyers know the inventory better than anyone).  


      Print Ads?

Do we invest in Print Advertising?  NOPE!

  1. You're kidding right?   Print ads are for "company branding".. not selling your home.
  2. Buyers are 1) Online2) Working with agents in an MLS,  3) Driving through neighborhoods of interest.  not fumbling throuh papers and periodicals looking for limited information.
  3. So save your money!  Stick with the Internet, local MLS, and a good yard sign.


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