Your Alternate Real Estate Service
Let us give you a hand!

Well, it's not really about US.... it's about YOU!

Your Safety, Your money, Your Peace of Mind!

We get you posted in MLS - You deal with your sale in a fashion that suits you!

You won't need to open your home to non-qualified / non-buyer / wannabe "Looky-Loos"!
Why do Agents do this?  It's crazy! 
If a buyer has no money, they don't need to be wondering through your home!  What's the point of that?  It is total insanity, and we
 show you how to put an end to that practice!

Your home is your castle, "you" are the person in charge!  YOU will deicde who is in your home... and why!

Enjoy direct communication with the buyer - (and agent if one is involved) - nothing will get lost in the translation.  

It will be your rules - and only "your" rules!  (Definitely take some comfort in that!).

You will deal direct -- and there are many excellent reasons you want to do this! 

The more agents involved means more mouths to feed!  Higher prices are needed to cover high commissions! 
How much is an agent worth? (Maybe you don't want to pay them what they think they are worth)!  

This is why we are here!

            You probably have questions?
Please feel free to call me (406-761-0001)


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